Sometimes silence is the best medicine, going deep within. Working on a clay and coloring it in total silence. How beautiful. ❤

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My body is tired and weak again, I know it will pass and I will regain my stamina. But, I was feeling well for sometime. I was going through my favorite quotes and this one came up.

“When you replace why is this happening to me? with what is this trying to teach me? everything shifts” This quote is still one of my favorites!

“you’ve gotta embrace your craziness to find your sanity” JP Sears



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Love the bug ;)

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As a graduate student going through her thesis research. I for sure face difficulties, stress and sometimes difference of opinion with other people. The other day I got this long email from this person who is helping me with my research, from the tone of the email it was obvious he is upset and angry with me. I made a list of all the answers I have for his questions, I wanted to email him but decided to talk to him on phone. I asked him to give me a call.

I had all the answers written on my notebook and ready to tell him why I have another opinion. The moment he called, instead of going through the list, I started by saying how much I appreciate his help and how much I know what a kind person he is. I wasn’t bluffing and I didn’t prepare to say this. But it felt right to say these words. After saying these he started telling me if he is upset is because he cares too much and it frustrates him when he can’t help me. We finished our talk with undrestanding and I am sure he felt better after our talk.

We don’t know what battle people go through. There are so many things that can occupy peoples mind. And sometimes just saying how much they are appreciated will make a difference.

So next time you need to choose between logic and love. Put them together and explain your logic with love.

We need to bring spirituality into our daily life to grow,

Whoever is reading, I appreaciate and respect you.



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Today I was doing the forgiveness meditation, and towards the end of my meditation I opened my eye and Looked at the most beautiful tree outside of window.

View of the fall

I looked at beautiful leaves which are changing color and soon will drop to the ground to change form and go back to their roots. I told myself, the mistakes I made, the lessons I learned, are falling to the ground. I am ready to let them go and then they will turn into life. I have learned for me to grow I am gonna keep making mistakes, I am gonna fall, it’s not gonna be a straight line. It never was.

Take a deep breath, you are growing.



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Climate Strike

Yesterday was climate strike. It was amazing to see so many people in the strike.

Thousands of people were there, I saw so many faculty members, students. It was just amazing.



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My adviser said she has a meeting and asked me to walk with her so we can discuss my proposal. We talked for 20 minutes until she got where she is suppose to be. I ran back to the department because my class was starting in 8 minutes. I checked my watch and told myself, if I talk to committee #two for 6 minutes, I have 2 minutes time to run to my class.

For lunch I was suppose to meet my friend, and then another meeting. Then class.

In the last class, I was thinking how tired I am.

Well, I am not used to these back to back schedules, so is not my body. This is not normal for me and I think unless you love this lifestyle, nobody should consider this normal. I have put a practice for myself, every hour the bell rings in our university. At that moment I stop doing whatever I am doing and take a deep breath.

I am tired because I need to rest, its 11:20 pm and I am awake writing here. I was thinking how much I miss writing but the busy schedule doesn’t let that happen.

Its really hard to find the balance based on your values but I am sure if I start respecting that so will people around me.



P.S. Tomorrow is climate strike, will be there and I think people need to go because of the future of our kids.

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