California Fires

The fires are spreading in California for a couple of days. I was checking the news and it was showing how people are dealing with this situation.

I was thinking of all the things which are burning these days, photos, memories, maybe a toy. Should we have like a ready to go suitcase somewhere? It’s so hard to decide what you want to take last minute? I have a pack of photos from my parents and family (From when I was a kid) and they are sitting in a box somewhere in the shelves which I almost never go to them. Maybe I should go and look at them more often. I am sure there is a long list of questions we have! I remember my friend told me after saving her family the second thing would be her coffee maker, I totally understand her!

Also, I can’t stop thinking about mother earth and all those trees and non human beings which are burning. Sorry, that we are making such a mess on this beautiful planet! I love you mother earth!

About sarajourney

I am a student, a teacher, a mum and a kid. I AM. I was born in UK raised in Iran and now live at States. Being active is part of being Sara. I love to take long walks and meditate. I love watching movies and documentary's. I love to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life :)
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