Work System!

So recently I have been back to school and I am getting more and more exposed to work system here in States. I can’t believe how messed up it is. I remember reading the book “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. In this book she talks about how there is a pay gap for men and women doing the same job. But, I think it even goes beyond that, my friend has started to look for a job in water resources, and she finished her PhD two months ago, and she was telling me she has a research job at university now so when interviewing there is no gap between her job and PhD. Why? Because the people who interview don’t want to hear there was a gap?! they prefer to go with someone who didn’t have the gap. 

I think this system is abusive and wrong. On the other hand, it made this country what it is now. We need to be more understanding towards gap’s, social and emotional breaks, pregnancies… We need a healthy environment, that’s the environment which will thrive! 

About sarajourney

I am on a journey. I was born in UK raised in Iran and now live at States. Being active is part of being Sara. I love to take long walks and meditate. I love watching movies and documentary's. I love to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life. My goal is to love every species freely with no judgement.
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