Be a Healer!

I was reading this sentence by grand master Choa Kok Sui, that everyone has the ability to heal. This sentence resonates with me because I truly believe sometimes people don’t know what great healers they are. Even by their smile they heal some part of you. It’s up to us if we want to accept it or not. In this world universe will give you signs put people to help you with your great purposes in life. How many times have you been out of the line and back in the line. Even now for me sometimes I can’t help it but feel helpless, but I try to be with my helplessness because I know This will pass too.

So now that we are in this world, why not be the healers. Listen to someones story, hold someones hand. Smile, Smile, Smile to a strangers face as you pass them. Send blessings to every human, tree, crow, whatever you see.

As I was writing this the crows in our backyard started making sounds all together so I went to see what is going on and Just be with them.


Since they called me, I am gonna talk about these crows a little bit. These crows are incredibly smart. They communicate amazingly and they know me in any part of the city. I usually whistle and they respond.

Back to our topic of being a healer, đŸ™‚ So why not, we all decide to be healers. Lets start with ourselves. First acknowledge what needs to be healed. Give yourself a big big Gigantic hug. We need big hugs from ourselves.


So now I am gonna sit with myself comfortably and have a chat. Anyone else is welcome to come, sit and heal.

Love you all,

Sara K

About sarajourney

I am on a journey. I was born in UK raised in Iran and now live at States. Being active is part of being Sara. I love to take long walks and meditate. I love watching movies and documentary's. I love to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life. My goal is to love every species freely with no judgement.
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