It’s 11:30 PM!

Just finished watching Big Little Lies! While I was watching the series I couldn’t help but listen to the crickets chirping! and I was wondering how about dancing to the sounds of chirping!

Turned off the TV, went to backyard with my flip flops. started to swirl, swirl swirl, and then started to walk. Didn’t like the sound of flip flops, took them off. and started swirling again. my head started to feel dizzy.

lifted my head, It is full moon! beautiful August full moon (Sturgeon moon)!

This is for sure not the first time I went out at night to get some air, but the first time to dance. It felt amazing!

If you are still super self conscious you can go out in peace and quiet and do some deep breathing. Then raise your arm and make the biggest heart you can make with your arms as you are breathing, and honor it to your beautiful amazing self.



About sarajourney

I am on a journey. I was born in UK raised in Iran and now live at States. Being active is part of being Sara. I love to take long walks and meditate. I love watching movies and documentary's. I love to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life. My goal is to love every species freely with no judgement.
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6 Responses to Dance!

  1. The way to light says:

    Dancing is a remedy for stress..I dance with my children at home and I dance alone with my is good isn’t it?
    Great post Sara πŸ™‚πŸŒΈ

  2. You truly have a beautiful, free spirit. I’ve done that before when walking alone in the woods. I just started dancing to the music in my head. It was a time in my life of true happiness and I couldn’t contain it. I had to release it in dance. Keep dancing!

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