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I am a student, a teacher, a mum and a kid. I AM. I was born in UK raised in Iran and now live at States. Being active is part of being Sara. I love to take long walks and meditate while walking. I love watching movies and documentary's. I love to be happy and enjoy every moment of my life :)

Environmental Awareness!

Mother earth and environment is very important to me and I always believe even if we can change one kids opinion on taking care of the nature, We have done a good job. Last month I ran an environmental awareness … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy 2019 everybody! I hope you had a fantastic start. This year I am not doing any resolution or anything. It doesn’t have a meaning to me. I am just gonna do my best. The only thing I have started … Continue reading

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Out of body dream!

Last night, I had the most interesting dream! I saw myself gazing into my eyes and telling oh, am I the one looking into my eyes? Then I told myself, this is out of body experience. This is how you … Continue reading

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This too Shall Pass!

Sometimes, you can get carried away with things happening in your life. With having kid and being in graduate school. So many things are happening.  So, yes I was feeling sad. As, I was watching my feelings, Beatles was playing … Continue reading

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Be a Healer!

I was reading this sentence by grand master Choa Kok Sui, that everyone has the ability to heal. This sentence resonates with me because I truly believe sometimes people don’t know what great healers they are. Even by their smile … Continue reading

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Be The Change!

I had my presentation on Environmental Justice last night. I have an engineering background but recently Environmental Justice has been such an interesting topic for me! It is something that needs to be addressed and talked about.  Let’s just say … Continue reading

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Thank You Universe!

So today I have this very important presentation and It’s beginning of a path for me. I have been working on doing my best and making my presentation. Two hours before my presentation I went to get a coffee and … Continue reading

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