Pick up after yourself!

Whenever I go for a walk, I usually gather the trash i find on the ground! I always believe I live in a clean neighborhood but look at the amount of trash I gathered in 5 minutes. We can do better, these stuff end up in our oceans, in our kids!

Say no to plastic as much as you can, believe me it is totally doable. All of us can make it happen, if we don’t purchase the plastic, the companies will get the message. Get products with less packaging. 



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When I feel sad!

Life is not always filled with rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, we are down and sad. I have noticed when I am with my friends almost no one can tell what is going on inside of me although I always thought when I am not feeling like it everyone can tell. Probably because at that moment I am enjoying their company. When it comes to sadness or any other feeling we need to acknowledge it.

So what do I do when I feel sad:

A- First is it close to my cycle, if It is, then I know its fine and it’s the best time to watch my feelings. Best time to practice presence, because everything is on the surface.

B- If not, Do I know what is causing it?

If yes, Can I change it? If not what do I do?

  • Probably it is based on a decision I made, even though it gets very hard I need to stay with it! In this case probably time is my best friend. Time will heal the wounds.
  • Usually I have one super down day, where I don’t feel like moving. I usually respect that that. I call it grieving stage. By all my heart I think it’s my bodies natural way of coping.
  • Then I put on a music that can make me dance, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but I try to push myself.
  • Since in these days I feel like being alone, walking in nature is amazing, and after sometime I try to run at least for 2-3 minutes. It soothes my body.
  • Meditating helps. I have a special place which overlooks this beautiful tree, and I always close my eyes with my last gaze looking at that tree. Nature is the best medicine.
  • Loving myself, I Imagine myself running on the beach, with a long dress and wind blowing filling me with love and peace. I make myself coffee and list three things I am grateful for.
Turkish coffee
  • Gardening helps too, as simple as tending a flower pot, getting your hands dirty. 🙂
  • This sentence needs to be written in gold ” This shall pass too”. However I feel, I don’t take it seriously because I know it will pass. But, I do acknowledge it.
  • downsides: I can consume myself with my cell phone for hours. The worst part about this is that with cellphones, it takes me away from what is! You kind of ignore yourself and your feeling, going from one app to another, one news to the next. I totally am used to doing this!

Never assume if you are strong, you are not suppose to feel sad. It is just a feeling, just like happiness. The more we talk about it, the easier it will be to express feelings.

This writing is just based on my own experience, I am sure each person has their own unique way of calming themselves down.

I wish you a weekend filled with kindness, laughter and love,



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If anyone opens up my body, it’s 60% coffee 40% chocolate.

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It’s 11:30 PM!

Just finished watching Big Little Lies! While I was watching the series I couldn’t help but listen to the crickets chirping! and I was wondering how about dancing to the sounds of chirping!

Turned off the TV, went to backyard with my flip flops. started to swirl, swirl swirl, and then started to walk. Didn’t like the sound of flip flops, took them off. and started swirling again. my head started to feel dizzy.

lifted my head, It is full moon! beautiful August full moon (Sturgeon moon)!

This is for sure not the first time I went out at night to get some air, but the first time to dance. It felt amazing!

If you are still super self conscious you can go out in peace and quiet and do some deep breathing. Then raise your arm and make the biggest heart you can make with your arms as you are breathing, and honor it to your beautiful amazing self.



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I love to read and study about groundwater. It drives me. Maybe because its has so much history and its very very important. Maybe because groundwater can be there for more than 20 thousand years. I always say think of groundwater as saving account. You save it and sometimes use it but If you empty it you end up with no saving. (Or something like that)

When I was applying for masters I really wanted to work on groundwater and surface water interactions. That didn’t happen to me but I got to talk a lot about it and give a lot of presentations on groundwater!



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I grew up in a city famous for its grape vines and apple trees. Most of the families had their orchards and most of the families would stay at their orchards in summer because it was cooler. Even when we didn’t have our orchard we would go to our aunts orchard. I can’t believe how much fun we had, climbing trees, playing soccer (of course I was the goalie:D )…


The other thing which was super important about my city was Lake Urmia. The saltiest lake in middle-east. Whatever you did you would float in the water. It had the weirdest smell when you drove by this lake. This lake was home to so much history, with its beautiful islands. So much beauty! Seeing the migratory flamingos was something you didn’t want to miss.

One of the things I hold in my heart is its sunsets. Specially when the sun had this red yellowish color. As an introvert who needed her space (at that time I didn’t know I was an introvert I just know I need to be alone), driving to lake and watch the sunset, was one of the most peaceful places for me. (I also had another peacfeul place in city which I need to write about it in another post). At that time as a teenager, I had a poem about how sunset is related to loss of loved one. If I want to write about sunset now, I will just say it is the most beautiful thing just like sunrise, just like our breath, our love, there is so much beauty in this world even when the humanity keeps disappointing. Sunset and sunrise work together, they are all part of sun’s journey. As it is part of ours. They are gonna happen whether you like it or not, you might as well enjoy it!

(If you have time google Lake Urmia’s sunsets, you will see how beautiful it is and if you were interested read about this salty lake)

As always,



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“what is the cost of lies?

The real danger is that if we hear enough lies,

then we no longer recognize the truth at all!” Chernobyl TV series

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