Pottery is like meditation to me. You work and shape the clay, you wait and then paint it. So many times you have no idea what color it’s going to be after painting it or if it’s going to break or not. You just enjoy it. You be with it. In silence which is between you and you.


My last work, a bird feeder and flower pot.

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California Fires

The fires are spreading in California for a couple of days. I was checking the news and it was showing how people are dealing with this situation.

I was thinking of all the things which are burning these days, photos, memories, maybe a toy. Should we have like a ready to go suitcase somewhere? It’s so hard to decide what you want to take last minute? I have a pack of photos from my parents and family (From when I was a kid) and they are sitting in a box somewhere in the shelves which I almost never go to them. Maybe I should go and look at them more often. I am sure there is a long list of questions we have! I remember my friend told me after saving her family the second thing would be her coffee maker, I totally understand her!

Also, I can’t stop thinking about mother earth and all those trees and non human beings which are burning. Sorry, that we are making such a mess on this beautiful planet! I love you mother earth!

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So from today I am gonna write about all the things I am grateful for. Today I am going to start with celebrating someone’s life. I am so happy I am writing this down because if I was telling her this, I am sure she would turn it back at me. So here it is,

My Dear dear, Thanks for giving me the flower pot today. You are a blessing in our life and I can’t thank spirits, universe and angels enough for the blessing you are. You are teaching us so much with your intuition and blessings. For a long time I wasn’t a huger and I truly didn’t know how to hug and embrace, maybe because my family is not a huger too. But I learned how to give hugs. So I believe I will learn how to listen and hug myself unconditionally and how to accept the gifts universe offers me. Today you gave me a flower pot and you made me realize I need to give water and soil to myself. Today with the cherry tree I realized I am suffocated in my own ground. The fact that we are out of place was right on! I am out of place, but also there is a calling for being out of place. I am gonna try spread my roots while blessing the whole soil. I am gonna listen to my calling which is being here for this planet.

I am still going to doubt myself, (I know you will be there for me) but I will also move past that too!

I wish you and your beautiful family all the blessings in the universe!

Please, This is just for you! It’s not about anybody else!



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(This post was in my draft from a year ago and I thought it is worth publishing)

Today I had a small surgery. I wasn’t worried or anything. To be honest, I was kind of excited. It was my first surgery. I love how they explain everything to me although sometimes it’s more than I need to know. Anyway, this is not what I want to talk about, before surgery I was thinking about death ( I know it’s the best time to think about these things 😂😂) And I saw how calm I am about this issue, I thought even if I die, past few monthes I have learnt how to be happy and how to live in the moment. I have raised my 5.5 year old son with love and I see what a great boy he is turning into. I was happy and now after surgery I am calm and happy. (Probably pain killers are talking now too 😉)

You are born to be happy.


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So I am not a big fan of driving and if I have the money I really prefer to use it on Lyft or taxi. I wanted to go to the university and I got a Lyft. I think only at Silicon Valley your driver shows up with a sport Mercedes and guess what he is a VC!

I mean that is awesome, with Lyft you get to talk with such a wide variety of people. I have talked about eyebrow tattoos to economics, from kids to environment.

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You Know

Sometimes you know it’s just time, to start again, to dance, to be the one you want to be.

I just checked my previous post and I saw I haven’t wrote to you since we moved, God wow time flies doesn’t it, or maybe I have been lazy recently.

So what has happened to me.

Ehsan, my brother, he visited us along with my parents. It felt like Urmiah again. Each day I woke up It felt like I’m home, oh God home sweet home. Don’t be stupid live at your parents and enjoy the good food.

Me and my mother have our differences and we argue a lot, but when it comes to love I know there is no one who loves me more and I love her the most. We had lots of guests, mama baked super yummy Kofte Tabrizis. Oh My goodness even thinnking about them makes me hungry. While my parents were here we went to Napa, Carmel, Angel Island, Monterrey, San Francisco, Gilroy lots of gatherings with good friends. I wish she was always here with me. Since she has been here I have done nothing, (not nothing i have been to salons a lot :D). After she is gone I better practice my way back to kitchen again 😀

Love, respect,

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me and books

Whenever I read a novel I feel alive. I love reading books although I usually don’t have time for it. I have started reading the orphan train book. God I feel alive.


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