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As a graduate student going through her thesis research. I for sure face difficulties, stress and sometimes difference of opinion with other people. The other day I got this long email from this person who is helping me with my … Continue reading

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Today, is the first day of school for me, I cant believe it’s already my third semester. I was not feeling excited or anything. To be honest, I was feeling exhausted too. I played a little music and danced, then … Continue reading

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“If we do not grieve for what we miss, we do not praise what we love” Martin Prechtel If you don’t grieve it means it didn’t have a meaning for you from the beginning. Today, I was talking to a … Continue reading

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Love and Tears for Today!

I was listening to Nick practicing piano and I couldn’t help my tears running through my cheeks. It made me think of what love is, what is the definition of love to me, is love different! can it get complicated?! … Continue reading

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